MTV Breaks Awards


Graphic Package

MTV Breaks helps young talent get their first break in the creative industries, and the show’s first awards ceremony was held in Bilbao.
We were called to work on the graphic package for this event, in which the idea was to take the existing branding and take it to the next level.
We worked on the concept of new talents breaking in the industry trough the internet and social media, creating a saturated and chaotic universe resembling the digital world, with a lot of variety and rough materials, which gets fractured and broken by a diverse group of irruptive


Credits Andres Rossi Studio
Creative & art direction: Andrés Rossi
Design: Leandro Chaman, Andrés Rossi
Animation: Sebastian García, Andrés Rossi, Martín Cañadell

Creative Director, Viacom International Social Responsibility: Nicolás Butty